Friday, March 25, 2011

I don't think this is LOL

Thursday, March 24, 2011: I believe historians will note this as the day the English language died. On that day, the Oxford English Dictionary — the bastion of all that is grammatically great, the stalwart defender of laudable lexicon — officially admitted "LOL," "FYI," the heart symbol and more into its ranks.

And the world of Twitter was buzzing. Let's see what people had to say. We promise we'll use words.

LOL and FYI have been added to the Oxford English Dictionary. Somewhere in 1596, Shakespeare begins to weep inexplicably.

FYI followers: LOL and FYI were added to the Oxford English Dictionary today. Now, teachers can't correct their use in papers.

LOL and FYI have been added to Oxford English Dictionary. Is Twitting and Googling on there too?

The word "Tweet" was added to the Oxford English Dictionary. Now, teachers can accept all essays and papers to be 140!!

Gerren Lodovica The end of all civilization

NOOOO :( -RT "@ jessebrightman: @: It's a sad day for the English language. (HT @)"

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Should someone pull a birthday cake out of a hat?

Looking for a way to escape the cold snap? Well, that might be the one escape even Harry Houdini couldn't manage, but we'll still celebrate his 137th birthday today along with our friends in the world of Twitter.

Happy Birthday Harry Houdini!! R E T W E E T this if you know somebody you wish you could saw in half!!

Harry Houdini is a TT. Maybe his great great great grandchildren can help Rebecca Black disappear.

RT @: RT @: Today is the birth date of Harry Houdini ~his first escape act!

In honor of Harry Houdini's birthday, I'll be punching random people in the stomach as hard as I can.

RT @: If Harry Houdini were alive today I would ask him how to escape from Facebook.

Happy Birthday Harry Houdini, a master of his craft. Speaking of magic, favorite trick ever;

Today would have been illusionist Harry Houdini's 137th birthday! Everyone should try to escape from handcuffs today...just kidding!

Harry Houdini, someone talented needs to make a good movie bout this guy.

I with I could be like Houdini and just disappear.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Screen Legend Passes Away

"She can't sing. She can't dance. She can't perform."
Edward Muhl, Universal Pictures' production chief, was talking about 9-year-old actress Elizabeth Taylor, who passed away this morning, after proving Muhl considerably wrong by performing in more than 70 movies and television shows between 1942 and 2003.
She also won two Academy Awards, and the American Film Institute named Taylor seventh on its Female Legends list.
Her other job, apparently, was to get married as often as possible. She was married eight times to seven husbands.
One wonders if, instead of saying "I do," she started saying "For now."

Show Me Your Toes Celeb deaths always happen in 3s. First Nate Dogg now Elizabeth Taylor.....who is nexxxt. RIP.

Kelly Erikson RIP Elizabeth Taylor. If there was anyone playing Cleopatra, I don't think I would have been able to watch all four hours of it.

Ilaria_F One of the most beautiful, classy, and elegant ladies of our time has passed away. RIP Elizabeth Taylor.

RIP Dame Elizabeth Taylor, surely the last of a breed...

Elizabeth Taylor died? Hmmm... Gotta say the only celebrity death that will bring me to tears is Julie Andrews. RIP Elizabeth

Elizabeth Taylor the most beautiful woman in the whole world ! Thank you for all the wonderful memories I love you !

'Give.Remember 2 always give.This is the thing that will make U grow' -Dame Elizabeth Taylor RIP (via @)

RIP Elizabeth Taylor. Wipe that smirk off your faces, monogamists.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Sammy Hagar Tells The Tale of Van Halen

If you were into music during the 1980's and 1990's you no doubt heard a little van halen. maybe you heard a lot of Van Halen.
For fans, it didn't matter too much if it was David Lee Roth or Sammy hagar singing, it was all about Eddie Van Halen's guitar licks.

When Roth left the band people swore it was because his ego overshadowed everyone. Roth blamed it on Eddie, but not many people bought it.

Sammy Hagar has now released a book, talking about his days as lead singer of Van Halen.

Roth may have been right after all....

@RollingStone Eddie Van Halen probably wishes Sammy Hagar had been abducted by aliens. Read our excerpt of Sammy's new memoir:

@AnnisaRizkyP RT @eonline: Sammy Hagar: Aliens "Either Downloaded or Uploaded" His Brain

@ekessdotcom Sammy Hagar's fixation on Tequila is no doubt a result of him trying to drink away the memories of his alien abduction.

@HeidisMpls Sammy Hagar recently said that his brain was abducted by aliens. Oh man, that was going to be my excuse. ;) zilla

@Carly_Keeny in a post charlie sheen media landscape, sammy hagar's alien abduction is crazy lite

@jjjjrich sammy hagar is trending but david lee roth is van halen

@Giftys #icantdateagirl that looks like Sammy Hagar!

@jonathan_julian Woah. Read excerpt of #Sammy Hagar bio from RS. Never knew Eddie was batshit crazy. Interest is definitely piqued.

@PamelaFalcon Love you Sammy Hagar... Even Aliens need & wanna know "Why can't this be love"! >:o)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Rebecca Black Gives Music a Bad Name

Once again proving tone deaf people have absolutely no clue how horrible they sound, meet Rebecca Black.
Other than being rich enough to afford a production company to write her song, add backing vocals and make a video, Black is completely talentless. And apparently clueless.

Her video has received 10 million hits on YouTube, mostly because it is the most awful thing ever. Don't believe me? Listen for yourself and make your own decision. But don't say I didn't warn you.

Anyway, she is a Trending Topic on Twitter, but that is mostly because people can't get enough of making fun of her lack of talent....

@Bieber_babes94 Weekend :) FRIDAY:D r u happy now rebecca black?;)

@HellYeahBiebz I'm just happy that there're a lot of amazingly talented people i can look up to. That means Rebecca Black won't take over.

@MessySutra @Victoria_Paige2 who is Rebecca black??

@Juggernaughts FUN FUN FUN is a TT worldwide. (': ahh Rebecca Black you ledge!

@luisolliveira It's Friday, Friday, Friday. Nunca mais essa porcaria sairá da minha cabeça. I HATE YOU REBECCA BLACK

@BeliebersTM Oh no, today is the Rebecca Black day. Hide yo kids hide yo wives cause she's be stealing everybody's seats out there. Fun fun fun!

@KyraMeetsWorld I hate typing her name, but okay, for the sake of Twitter Trends. Rebecca Black on the number 1 spot!

@TamaraBroitman Anyone who chooses to sing lines from that idiotic Rebecca Black monstrosity on the timeline will be unfollowed. And perhaps also shot.


@harveenheartsjb Omg, my alarm goes off the their playing Friday by Rebecca Black .. now it's gonna be stuck in my head all day..):

@ohsnapitstay13 Finally some awesome weather! Thank you Rebecca Black for blessing us with this beautiful Friday!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Flogging Molly For St. Patrick's Day

If you are wearing green and a "Kiss Me I'm Irish" button today, you might just be celebrating St. Patrick's day. And why not? It is the one day of the year everyone in American can claim some little bit of Irish heritage and if they can't, well, we won't hold it against them.

As long as you are feeling Irish why not tune in some great Irish music with the band, Flogging Molly...they are all the rage on the Twitter:

@AOLRadio Listen to our St. Patrick's Day radio station of Irish Pub Songs! Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly & more.

@Cosmaidi How in the hell am I gonna find time to workout between Guinness cookies, potato cakes, and Flogging Molly?! Geeze.

@jjochwat Started a St. Paddy's Day radio stn. with Flogging Molly, Great Big Sea, and the Waterboys. This is also known as "Getting your white on."

@PsychNurseinWI Flogging Molly is trending, sweet we go see them at Summerfest (when we can afford it)

@BlazingLily Would it be weird to wear a Bob Dylan conert T to a Flogging Molly concert?

@jusbrowneyes I shall listen to lots of flogging molly today....and then be sad that I'm gonna miss their oakland show :(

@mizzle 3 sheets to the wind ... Thank you Flogging Molly! Happy St. Patrick's Day!! ♫

@SenatorGiggity So todays the day everyone pretends they love Flogging Molly, huh?

@brittneybelle88 Listening to some Flogging Molly to celebrate. Happy St Patrick's Day!!

@Eaumma Oi, Flogging Molly & Guinness c:!

@pverel It just wouldn't be a proper St. Patrick's Day without some Flogging Molly. Sláinte! #floggingmolly #rockingout

@OMGoodman It's St. Patrick's day and the choir isn't even wearing green. The least they could do is throw a Flogging Molly cover in there #chapelo ...

@FunnyBunnyLarue I fear for our future. RT @kwmurphy: Had to explain to my niece, a Flogging Molly fan, who the Pogues are. Seriously.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nate Dogg Dead at 41

Rapper Nate Dogg has died. He was just 41 years old.

He was born in Long Beach, California, sang in the choir at New Hope Baptist Church and was a United States Marine. He recently formed a gospel choir called Innate Praise.

As a member of the rap group 213 he shot to stardom after garnering the attention of Dr. Dre. He signed a contract with Death Row Records in 1993.

His family has released no details regarding the cause of his death, only that Nate Dogg has died.

@Louise_Simpson RT @RowntreeMusicUK: R.i.P to Nate Dogg .. Sick Artist ,,,

@_UncleSam #np "Lay low" - Snoop Dogg ft Nate Dogg

@JCoOgii I'm gonna Light 1 for nate dogg today R.I.P.


@SianCartier My favorite Nate Dogg feature was Regulate #rip

@davechappelle Moment of silence for a hip-hop legend; RIP Nate Dogg. You will be missed, G Funk Era forever. #natedogg



@REverettCherry RIP Nate Dogg, your hooks, verses, and choruses have influenced many. REGULATORS, MOUNT UP!

@NyFlyBoi Ill like to take da time to say Rest In Piece to one of the most iconic voices in west coast hip hop Nate Dogg.

@ThaBossNicky :-( RT @LaMarrWoodley: RIP nate dogg.. great rapper

@youngjannetti Nobody was checkin for Nate dogg yesterday, me included. Just crazy how it works. Like Big said "you're nobody til somebody kills you"

@BigBossFreak313 Rest in Peace to one of the most best R&B and Hip Hop Legends Nate Dogg. You will be truely missed and loved forever.

@ManchesterHypes RT @DanylJW: Can you IMAGINE heaven right now with Nate Dogg, Pac, Biggie, Aaliyah, Left Eye, Eazy E, Marvin Gaye & Michael Jackson?

@1heartOneLove RIP Nate Dogg

@Big_Keith RIP Nate Dogg

@SwagAsaurusR3X R.I.P Nate Dogg, that goes to show you we can be here one day and gone tomorrow so don't take life for granted...